Meet The Team


Both on & off-line we employ a group of exceptionally talented creatives.


Hard work, dedication and a shared obsession for  great design drive our operations forward, collectively supplying the energy that continues to transform yesterday's dreams and visions into today's successful realities.


Inspirational Influences From Graig C. Our Owner and Founder

  • Earliest Designs Memory:  Working with my father building things
  • Influences Shape:  An array of things I've found in nature
  • Color's Story:  A lot, but a great deal of influence comes the different types of metals and wood species used in "The Laurie Line"
  • Favorite Design Element:  Clean lines. So clean that they seamlessly transition into almost any room or space 
  • Great Challenges Thus Far:  Keeping up with my own designs and originality
  • Structure of Choice:  A bridge, or home, or any thing really that uses exaggerated or grand shapes and lines creating a sense of drama while retaining its practicality
  • Big Achievement:  It's really a double feature. First the opening of the Graig Cady, Inc. Showroom, alongside the  debut of my first furniture collection "The Laurie Line"
  • Bigger Achievements To Be:  Continue to build my name, brand and reputation from "up-and-coming" to "world renowned"
  • Next Move:  Global Furniture Design Recognition and Distribution 

Graig Cady - Founder 



Our team of designers are ready to create the ideal furniture for your home and office. To learn more about our team and our showroom floor designs, contact our office and visit our location.