A Luxury Furniture + Home Collection Showroom

From the earliest stages of initial-concept and design-development, the Graig Cady, Inc Showroom brings to life, Furniture + Design that reflect and showcase the individuality of its clients and partners. 

Founded by Furniture design + interior fashions expert "Graig Cady", Graig Cady, Inc. and its showroom work directly with their clients and partners to collaboratively design and create beautiful, innovative Interior solutions, while also providing clients and partners access to a library of luxury textiles and wall covering Graig Cady, Inc.  exclusively represents

Committed to always providing the highest quality of goods, services and experiences possible, Graig Cady, Inc. closely oversees every step of the design and manufacturing process throughout each products entire life-cycle. 

From architecture and industrial design to interiors and textile artistry, Graig Cady and his team of industry leading designers are supported by a portfolio of internationally recognized design firms and consultants ensuring full capability to accept design projects of any size. 

At Graig Cady, Inc. details matter. From the curation of our wood species to sourcing steel, details define quality.  Details supply functionality, create spatial order and allow designers to evoke human emotion through their work.