Q: I saw your item in a Design Magazine where do I purchase Your items?

A: Great Question. There are a few ways to purchase.

  1. You can stop by the showroom in person where you will meet the GK-Designs Staff and they can show you the item and other options it comes in as well as the entire line.
  2. You can fill out a questioner on the website and someone from GK-Designs will contact you directly.
  3. You can call the showroom with any questions and one of our knowledgeable staff will able to help you make the right choice.


Q: Where are your items manufactured?

A: Quality control is very important to me and I am very hands on in the whole process of my company.  I want you to know that I personally inspect all items to ensure the highest of quality.  So to be able to do this and to answer your question. I am proud to say I manufacture locally in Puerto Rico.  It is important for me to mention that I also can ship anywhere in the world as well.


Q: Are your materials suitable for a tropical environment?

A: This is something that I wanted to make sure was a MUST with having worked in both New York and Los Angeles the climates  are totally different than Puerto Rico I made sure in choosing all my finishes options they were suitable to handle the salt in the air and the humidity as well. The metals are treated so they wont rust or pit. The finishes for the case goods wont split or warp. I even choose textiles that are perfect for the amazing weather that one experience in a tropical climate.  Short hair velvets that wont get hot, Cool Linens and a amazing out door collection.


Q: Do you only work with designers?

A: While our designers are such a big part of everyday business. GK-Designs has it doors open to everyone.  If you are doing a project on your own. Please stop in and one of our staff can answer any questions you might have. 


Q: How often do you come out with a new collection.

A: To complete a whole new collection that could take a year to finalize all the small details. However new items will pop up all the time. So please always be checking back and watching the website for exciting things to happen. Best way to keep tabs on everything current is to like the GK-DESIGNS face-book page or follow @Graig_Gonzalez on Twitter