Founder Graig CADY'S inaugural collection, “The Laurie Line” is a furniture design collective that powerfully showcases, a highly thoughtful development of deeply rooted meanings and inspiration.


Laurie, the center, focus and sole inspiration to Graig’s Gonzalez’s "Laurie Line”


The History 

Remembered and recognized now through the telling os great memories, Laurie was a woman, bearing of a great strength and composure. She was a soul that un-needing of thanks or merit, a woman who with great pride continued in her stride quietly in the right direction. Truly of a rare altruistic nature, she gave and took care to other always before her self. Graig's mother Laurie passed away in 2007. Designing " The Laurie Line" collection Graig has now been able to properly recognize and preserve her Legacy.

 Our Contributions & The Future

Not only remembering the past, but making an effort to change the future, Graig Cady, Inc.  has committed to donating  a portion of every sale from its" Laurie Line"  to be gifted to "The Center for Women and children in Crisis"  a non-profit helping adult women and children in need


 Designed to reflect the very balance and poise Laurie possessed, Graig uses a combination of lines and curve to balance one another, allowing for his designs to embody, translate and express the very same composure his mother did.